10 Week Transformation 2020

Hey there Team,

Welcome to the 10 Week Transformation

Beginning on Monday 21st September and running until Sunday 29th November, the 10 Week Transformation will motivate you to get in your best shape for summer. Whether it’s losing body fat, or gaining muscle or a combination of both, we will work together to get you there.

On Saturday 19th September, I will have available, 20 minute time slots at the gym, to record your current body statistics. We will re-do these around Saturday 24th October, and then again at the end of the 10 weeks.

My fee for this and other motivational/instructional information across the 10 weeks is $50.

Nikki Martin, a great friend and colleague of mine, is a registered nutritionist and will be taking bookings to assist you with the food side of things. This will include an initial 45 minute consultation sometime in the first week (from this she will build your nutrition plan), then a 15 minute follow up consultation around the 5 week mark.

Her fee for this is $100 (if you have the applicable Southern Cross policy, you may be able to claim this).

I encourage you to see Nikki. I know you may think “I’ve heard it all before” however she will offer further insight and support to help you achieve your goals. Your eating is a major factor in any body transformation success.

You will need to book with her direct for the consultations. Her contact phone number is 021-286-4292, her email is nikki@nikkimartin.co.nz

If this whole 10 Week Transformation sounds like you, please contact me directly by return text and I’ll keep you updated with more details as we get closer to kickin’ it off.

That’s all for now.

Kindest regards,

Dave 021-865-478