“Dave is a god.  He has been persisting with me for more than 15 years.  Despite being presented with a poor genetic starting point and a spectacular lack of athleticism, he has continued to train me and keep me above ground all these years.  He is decent enough to use the euphemism low responder in describing my capabilities, so I keep seeing him, religiously, and I am all the better for it.  I cant thank him enough for all the patience hes shown over such a long time.  I wouldnt be without my sessions with Dave.” A. Ross

“So many personal trainers just go through the motions, but Dave is next level. I am constantly impressed by how much thought he puts into every workout he creates for me: switching up exercises, exploring the latest training methods and refining my technique so that I never get bored and continue to see results. He’s an excellent motivator, thoroughly professional and incredibly knowledgeable about physiology and nutrition. Thanks to Dave, I’ve never been in better shape.” S. Jones

“I would highly recommend Dave.  Dave has been my trainer for 10 years+ as both a personal trainer and as the instructor in morning Unleashed Sessions.  Dave is incredibly enthusiastic and motivating and drives the group hard but he balances that with a fun and inclusive environment that has become seriously addictive.  He has the unique ability to understand what motivates individuals and knows inherently when it is time to push even harder.  No session is the same and it is the constant change and challenge that keeps you motivated and keeps you coming back. Dave’s training and motivation has helped me to be the healthiest and fittest I have been in years, in fact as I approach 50 I am the lightest I have been since I was 20 and feeling all the better for it.” C. Edwards 

“Davo’s approach with new clients seems to be to train them so hard they never come back.  But if you are one of the ones that does come back you will be hooked and you will bloody love your training sessions!
Uncompromising training sessions with Davo equals good results. And if you dial in your diet (which Davo can help with) you will get great results. Not to mention the mental well being which comes with getting fit. Training with Davo is the highlight of my week.” J. Foley

“I have trained with Dave for many years from the peak of my fitness (aka my youth!) through two pregnancies and a busy work/family life. After  falling off the fitness wagon in my early 40’s he is patiently working with me to improve my mobility, flexibility and strength. I like his professionalism and his focus on long term health.  He is not a one dimensional trainer – Dave is always building his knowledge and bringing fresh approaches to his training… I like that he adapts his approach to fit me personally, as my fitness needs change.” P. Peebles

“There is no one better than Dave. He has the amazing ability to provide what feels like one on one training during a group session. He skilfully designs every Unleashed Session to be fun and  more importantly challenging enough to see real results. Dave’s large following of loyal clients is proof of what an awesome trainer he is!” A. Owen