Online Training

Welcome to the world of online training!

I’ve been working, one on one, with many clients over the past few years… without even seeing them face to face!

I am now offering the opportunity for anyone, anywhere, anytime to work with me remotely.

How about an online 6-week workout plan?

  • You’re motivated, but you need guidance with what and how much to do in the gym?
  • Do you want to track your sessions and make progress from workout to workout?
  • You would like a personal trainer, but don’t need someone looking over your shoulder every minute?
  • Are you wanting an easy-to-follow fitness solution?
  • Need accountability each week?

What is included in your 6-week plan?

  • 30-minute video or in-person chat to discuss your goals.
  • A personalised workout plan, built by me, and delivered direct to your phone via the Trainerize app.
  • 24/7 access to your workout plan via the Trainerize app.
  • Every exercise in your plan comes with easy-to-follow instructional videos.
  • You get 24/7 support via WhatsApp.
  • Based on your feedback, I can make any necessary adjustments to your workout plan during the 6 weeks.
  • Link your exercise wearables (Fitbit, Garmin, etc.) to the Trainerize app.
  • Save your workouts to the Trainerize app to help celebrate success and follow your progress.
  • Accountability: You get email reminders of your upcoming workouts, plus with the workouts added to your weekly calendar, I will see if you miss a session!
  • Whether you train at home or at the gym, I will personalise your workout experience.

So, what’s the cost?

It’s $180 for your 6-week personalised, custom built workout plan.

If this sounds like something that interests you, or you have any questions, please email or contact Dave via WhatsApp on +6421865478