Unleashed Sessions

Kick-start your day, shake up your regular exercise routine and power your strength and fitness to a whole new level with my Unleashed Sessions.

These intense 45-minute sessions smash every major and minor muscle group, supercharging both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. They incorporate high-intensity, multi-joint, total body movements using body weight and resistance exercises, all designed to give you a full body workout and achieve maximum results.

BEWARE: as regular clients will tell you, these sessions are super-addictive. You’ll leave each session exhausted but energised – and ready for the next hit!

Unleashed Sessions are held at the Terry Jarvis Centre, 32B Shore road, Remuera every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.05am-6.50am.

Your first session is FREE, so bring your friends and share the lactic!


  • $36 per week via automatic payment
  • $170 for a 10 session concession card
  • $25 cash at door for a casual session

Contact me today on 021 865 478 or email dave@workoutunleashed.com